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Luxury Timepieces

It's the final touches that matter most. Attention to the smallest detail is what sets apart the good from the great. We believe this process on a personal level starts with the timepieces we choose to adorn ourselves with. Both for ensuring we are timely and saying volumes without saying anything, our timepieces are an extension of who we are.

To support our client's needs in this diverse market, we have partnered with luxury watch producers and suppliers to offer the best selection of new and pre-owned watches to our clients. We have over 250 new and preowned watches from the largest luxury brands available now. We believe our clients shouldn't spend their time on a waitlist when they can enjoy their timepiece today.


VICENTERRA of Jura, Suisse


Working to always bring our clients the best expressions of luxury at the best value, nothing embodies our principals better than our partnership with Vicenterra of Jura Switzerland. Producing some of the most impressive Swiss timepieces the world over, they have taken the simple act of keeping time and made it into an art. If you are looking for a unique timepiece to add to your collection look no further. Collection limited to 99 pieces.

- Hériter Gems is an authorized Vicenterra Watch Agent -

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